Source data from anywhere

Source data from anywhere

  • Source job data from external design software
  • QuickCAM Supports External and Multiple Design Environments
  • Import your design to QuickCAM from any source
  • Turn your design program into a full machining system
  • Jobs on your existing design program can go to your machine


New products start as an idea, which can be developed in a multitude of ways. Many start life as a drawing on the back of an envelope before being further developed on paper or committed to a computer screen using a program like AutoCAD. However, this innovative creation, at some stage, will need to find its way to a machine to achieve reality.

Source machining data from external design software

QuickCAM advanced machining can create machining data from external design software.


QuickCAM is a powerful engine-room capable of converting complex designs of any product you can imagine and from any source you choose into the technical data required to direct a machine.


QuickCAM can import various data types such as CSV files, DXF and AutoCAD DWG drawing files. QuickCAM works with many dedicated 3D kitchen design programs and the various kitchen design programs that are integrated with AutoCAD. Other systems that QuickCAM can work with include digitisers and cloud based ordering systems.


In addition, data can be sourced from a web based order entry system, your clients MRP/ERP system or simply from a spreadsheet.

Jobs on your existing design program can go to your machine

Once this data is a job inside QuickCAM then the automation begins. Using a clever set of settings and properties QuickCAM establishes material and hardware types and quantities. Accurate job costings are calculated down to the smallest detail incorporating every single function of the CNC and other manual functions in the manufacturing process.


Fully detailed reports are created regarding the job and production data is prepared ready to run to the machine.


The advanced automation built in to QuickCAM will save considerable time processing jobs in a small operation with a single CNC or in a high volume situation with multiple machine types.

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