"Gaining efficiency is key to sustainability in our industry, the SpeedCut feature provided us a REAL efficiency gain. Thank you Pete & the team for your ability to add a customized feature to our business!!” – Mark Farquhar, KT3"

"QuickCAMβ„’ has changed the way we do everything for the better. It is so much more than we expected it to be. Production is up, quality is up and mistakes are down.” – Mark Farquhar, KT3 Group of Companies"

Run to many machines at the same time

Production runs can be batched and sent to multiple lines at the same time.

QuickCAM – Advanced Cabinet Software

An Advanced software system for Detailing Cabinets and Other Flat Panel Products Fast


  • Easy, Fast and Accurate
  • Very fast job entry interface
  • Product customisation, even faster
  • Automated quotations with manual additions if required
  • Detailed REAL costs, you will know the profit of each job
  • Cut-to-size capability
  • Automated MDF door specification
  • This will make a huge difference to the productivity of your business
  • Automation like you have never seen before

QuickCAM is the newest and most advanced product detailing program available and contains a myriad of exciting features and benefits not before considered in this industry. These new advances were developed in collaboration with some of the most capable and knowledgeable companies in our industry. By working closely with the industry we have carefully and accurately identified many modern manufacturing requirements and created fresh solutions to handle each vital requirement.

QuickCAM Product Detailing
QuickCAM’s user interface for fast customisation

Very fast job entry interface

Most of our new clients tell us how surprised they are regarding the speed of use with QuickCAM, how fast they can put jobs through and how accurate the whole thing is. Many have reported an increase of over 5 times what they could do with their previous mainstream system. While they used to spend hours making changes, correcting errors and performing workarounds to get the job to go to the machine, they now easily prepare the job and it’s done. Right every time.


The main job for any detailing software is to get the job to the machine accurately and to provide all the required data and additional reportage to make everything in your production system work efficiently. Therefore, increasing performance and productivity, maximising time usage and eliminating errors.

A fully integrated package to suit every business size

QuickCAM is a modular design and has varying combinations of modules to suit a wide range of manufacturers starting with small operations with manual equipment through to larger manufacturers with multiple CNC machinery. QuickCAM at all levels provides a strong application of highly productive features to ensure maximum functional performance.

QuickCAM Product Editor - 3D wire-frame view
QuickCAM Product Editor – 3D wire-frame view

Job details can be imported from many sources

The order entry panel provides a very fast entry of orders without drawings being required. Alternatively, jobs can be imported from various data types such as CSV files, DXF
and DWG drawing files and from multiple sources such as AutoCAD, Cabinet Vision and Microvellum. In addition, data can be sourced from a web based order entry system, your clients MRP/ERP system or simply from a spreadsheet.

QuickCAM Product Editor - 2D side view
QuickCAM Product Editor – 2D side view

Automated to save you time and free you up to do other important things

Once this data is a job inside QuickCAM then the automation begins. Using a comprehensive default system QuickCAM establishes material and hardware types and quantities, accurate job costings are calculated down to the smallest detail incorporating every single function of the CNC and other manual functions in the manufacturing process. Fully detailed reports are created regarding the job and production data is prepared ready to run to the machine.

QuickCAM Product Editor - Panel Editor mode
QuickCAM Product Editor – Panel Editor mode

In summary QuickCAM provides a level of automation and accuracy, not seen in any other manufacturing program, in features such as Order entry, Customisation, Cut to Size, Job Costing, Pricing, Quoting, Editing, Reporting and much much more.

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