CNC Machining – SpeedCut

QuickCAM SpeedCut is the new “Game Changing”ť software for CNC machining.

SpeedCut nesting software from QuickCAM Systems  is the new state-of-the-art development in flat bed nesting for CNC  machining.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Machine Wear
  • Reduce Tooling Costs
  • Reduce Power Consumption
  • Reduce Labour
  • Extend Capacity

SpeedCut is now in production and proving to be an instant success with average increases of up to 20% on the volume of parts processed on any CNC. In addition to this we have identified other substantial savings regarding tooling costs, maintenance and machine wear all showing savings of up to 35%, not to mention reduced labour and power consumption.

Pattern produce by QuickCAM Production's CNC software SpeedCut optimisation algorithm
Pattern produce by QuickCAM Production’s SpeedCut optimisation algorithm

Not only that, if you have a CNC which has reached capacity the only way to grow has been to buy a new machine. Now you can simply add up to 20% by installing QuickCAM SpeedCut.

When both KT3 in Adelaide and Artline Kitchens in Sydney recently decided on massive machinery upgrades to increase their production capacity, they had no idea that they would be getting such a huge increase in throughput with a new software development from QuickCAM.

KT3 and Artline Kitchens are major suppliers to the kitchen and building industries and rely on state-of-the-art machinery advances and software development to seriously maximise production volume and minimise production costs.

Both companies use QuickCAM software to run their factories and are in the enviable position where they supply the industry at competitive prices, while ensuring a strong return due to well controlled costs. Both companies have substantially reduced overtime since installing SpeedCut.

“It’s all about capacity, after installing SpeedCut we increased volume 10-20%, cut out Saturday overtime and had to increase board deliveries” Paul Davis, General Manager - Artline Kitchens.
“Gaining efficiency is key to sustainability in our industry, the SpeedCut feature provided us a REAL efficiency gain. Thank you team QuickCAM for your ability to develop this feature for our business!” Mark Farquhar, KT3 – Group of Companies
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