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SpeedCut a REAL productivity gain

QuickCAM Systems announces an all new cutting algorithm. The all new QuickCAM SpeedCut is for NBM nested based panel manufacturers and is the new “Game Changing”ť nesting program which is now widely used and proving to be an instant success with increases of up to 20% on the volume of parts processed.   “Gaining efficiency…

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Did you know that QuickCAM software works with over 500 drawer systems and 3500 drawer slides types? If you are looking at offering a new drawer system to your customers from name brands such as Blum, Grass, Hafele, Harn, Hettich, Nover and more… Give us a call.

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Why not nest the back face of parts?

QuickCAM Systems Production software has many powerful time saving features. One such feature in use by manufacturers small and large, and is one where parts that have machining on both front and back faces can be grouped together nested and the machining programs are created for both faces. The time to machine the backs of…

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Services & Support

QuickCAM Systems provides technical support for all QuickCAM Systems software and ArtiCAD Ltd software via an annual Technical Support and Update Agreement. Support is available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday Sydney Australia time, via the Internet, telephone. This service is designed to provide much needed assistance to our community of users as they maximise their manufacturing effectiveness.

Updates are downloadable via the Internet as they become available for those with a current Technical Support and Update Agreement. Updates include a regular stream of changes and improvements that are developed by our programmers continuously, throughout the year. The updates also include modifications to our software system to keep up with the ever changing systems from Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Excel®, AutoCAD® and the ever changing world of CNC woodworking equipment.



QuickCAM Systems has always promoted the ideology of users taking control of their own destiny by learning to develop their software, in-house, without the need for excessive external involvement. However, this is sometimes not possible or indeed some clients prefer to get on with other issues and leave the software development to an external professional.

AUTOMATION ASSIST, headed up by Matt Kennewell, will provide software development services for all QuickCAM software products on any part or the whole software system. You can access this service by contacting Matt via telephone or by email. These services are available by the hour or can be prepaid in blocks of time at a cheaper rate.



THE EDGE is more than a training program. It is a complete operational system support service.
THE EDGE will look at where your automation system is now and where it should be, to give you ultimate performance.

THE EDGE will provide the following services:

  • Full Assessment Of Your Current Situation.
  • Review Of Your Manufacturing Objectives.
  • Comparison With Industry Current And Developing Best Practices.
  • Identify Any Performance Gaps In Your System.
  • Provide A Written Report On Our Assessment And How The Performance Gaps May Be Affecting Your Business.
  • Make Sure You Are Using Your Current Software To Its Maximum. (Or At Least Understand What It Can Do)
  • Develop And Discuss A New Set Of Possible Objectives Related To Your Production.
  • Recommend Any New Software Modules You May Need.
  • Help Develop An Action Strategy With Time Estimates.
  • Prepare A Proposal Covering All Aspects For On-Going Development.
  • Work With Your Team While Teaching Them To Grow Your System For The Future.
  • Provide Complete Reportage On All Activities And A Calendar Of Work Done.

QuickCAM technicians are available for on-line work by linking up to your computers on-line.

Thanks to the “over-the-internet” screen-to-screen technology and broadband internet we are able to establish very fast linkups allowing us the advantage of working in minimum one hour sessions. A typical session would be 2 or 3 hours and your operator can then get on with the related issues before linking up again the following day to continue instruction. The link up times can be flexible but must be by appointment.

The technician’s day is involved in on-line meetings and cannot be disturbed. Appointments can be made by email.
The technician will keep a detailed log of work done and time used as part of his report. The log will include work done on-line with your operator and other work off-line between sessions. This report will be issued to you after each session and will include the time remaining on your pre-paid purchase.