ArtiCAD Online – Cloud Based Edition

ArtiCAD Online is a cloud based version of the leading ArtiCAD-Pro and BathCAD design software, allowing you to access your design system on any remote machine with Internet access (including the Apple MAC, iPad and other tablet devices).


ArtiCAD onlineWhat is ArtiCAD Online?

ArtiCAD Online is the same tried and trusted design software used by thousands of designers worldwide, made available within a cloud based environment. It involves a monthly fee.




ArtiCAD Online is a cloud based technology meaning that your ArtiCAD system is hosted on a secure server.

Using ArtiCAD Online means that you or any of your staff can access your ArtiCAD-Pro or BathCAD design system, your designs and graphics safely and securely from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection (even over 3G).


Why ArtiCAD Online?

  • Reduces the cost & hassle of maintaining hardware
  • Easier to plan IT budget
  • Works on any device with an Internet connection (even 3G)
  • Usage and costs are easily scaled up or down as you require
  • Stunning image rendering speeds!
  • Work is no longer tied to a location, opening hours or device
  • All of your plans and software are safely stored and securely accessed
  • Central, immediate deployment of catalogue or software updates


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