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With a history stretching over 30 years Artline Kitchens in NSW have become one of the most successful kitchen manufacturers in Australia. Under the stewardship of Managing Director Mike Kluver, Artline constantly sought to improve productivity and maintain a relentless drive to acquire the best machinery, software and advanced manufacturing techniques available, in order to stay ahead of the industry.


QuickCAM Systems Artline Kitchens Cabinets ready to go
A days production ready to go!


Fast forward to the present day to find General Manager Paul Davis at the helm of manufacturing, and Artline now supplies high quality customised kitchens to the kitchen trade and the building industry in volumes that would make your head spin.



Two years ago Paul oversaw the installation of a complete new manufacturing line including a series of Flat Bed Nesters, a Beam Saw and a large automated board storage and retrieval system, all from Homag. Naturally, at the same time, Paul also gave consideration to the manufacturing software, which of course plays a huge part in the effectiveness of the whole production system. For the previous 13 years Artline had been successfully using software from QuickCAM Systems Pty Ltd, a Sydney based developer dedicated to the kitchen and cabinet making industry.




Artline’s drive to maximise the production potential of this new equipment together with the need to integrate manufacturing data with the many facets of the in-house business systems meant that it was vital they made the right software choice at this point. Paul concluded that to realise Artline’s specific objectives, they would need to be aligned closely with a very knowledgeable and agile software developer, with the capacity to react rapidly to Artline’s demanding requirements and one with a strong understanding of the industry.  It was clear, this company had to be based in Australia with software developers and fully qualified technicians on hand in real time, not in another time zone. After careful evaluation the decision was made to not only continue with the current QuickCAM software, but to work closer with QuickCAM Systems on new initiatives and developments to meet with Artline’s future plans and requirements.



QuickCAM Systems is a Sydney based company dedicated to developing production software for the kitchen and cabinet making industry. QuickCAM flies in the face of many conventional production software products by allowing rapid order entry and allows users to customise products in seconds. This means jobs can be processed up to five times faster than other software systems. Although QuickCAM is closely associated with ArtiCAD, which is used by a high proportion of Artline’s trade customers/designers, the QuickCAM software can utilise jobs from other design/CAD programs that may already exist in a business, bringing a whole new meaning to screen to machine. The software also provides accurate costings, quotations, hardware information and much more.


The dedicated customisation of QuickCAM is ongoing as the Artline team invent new ways to squeeze every last drop of performance out of the software and the machinery. While this process has been underway, the management of Artline were delighted when QuickCAM presented a new development called SpeedCut, a new nesting program, which data analysis has proven to increase throughput on all machines by up to 20%. How’s that for an Ideas Boom?


“ It’s all about capacity, after installing SpeedCut we increased volume by 15-20%, cut out Saturday overtime and had to increase board deliveries” – Paul Davis, General Manager – Artline Kitchens

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