QuickCAM Systems is pleased to announce the release of a new package of kitchen design software incorporating a cut list, saw optimisation, quotation and costings. This package is focused on the small manufacturer but incorporates many of the best time-saving features currently available to the larger manufacturers.

Designed to help you sell, manufacture and win in a tough and competitive market.

QuickCAM Systems works with a panel saw

Starting up is hard to do

New companies entering the cabinet making industry all experience a myriad of barriers as they attempt to develop into larger kitchen manufacturers with the usual dream of one day owning a CNC.

In the meantime they need kitchen design software, which produces a cut list for the panel saw and possibly a saw optimiser.

This environment is one of long hours where either a single person with cabinet making experience attempts to play the role of all facets of a kitchen making business or is one where some of these responsibilities are shared with a partner, usually husband and wife. Financial risks are high and competing with the slick, highly productive competitors is difficult.

The main roles to be performed involve Sales, Production and Administration but in reality include time consuming functions like finding new clients, designing, costing, quoting, making a cut list, ordering materials, organising the job, handling changes, re-quoting, bringing in other trades, paying bills, solving problems, sweeping floors, washing windows and much much more.

Kitchen image created in ArtiCAD Pro
Kitchen image created in ArtiCAD Pro

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Phase 2 – Investing in growth

The ongoing battle against larger and better equipped competitors is huge and can be very time consuming as the bigger companies apply an ever growing level of technology and automation, which reduces their costs.

The manual input for the smaller company is enormous so they need to get the benefits of automation, to give them an edge, without breaking the bank.

QuickCAM – The REAL Solution

With the smaller operator in mind, QuickCAM Systems, who are responsible for some of the most cost reducing developments available to larger kitchen manufacturers, have now released a new range of highly effective, automation intense software solutions for the small kitchen manufacturer.

This solution includes ArtiCAD kitchen design software and manufacturing tools for cut list, saw optimisation, costing, and quoting in a way that will certainly not break the bank.

These NEW developments are designed to make the day-to-day functions of running a small kitchen manufacturer as automated as possible and to dramatically reduce time spent manually performing functions you just do not need to do.

The various options are individual and are available in a package that will meet with your business plan and your budget requirements, either as an outright purchase or by subscription, so ask us how we can make this work for your business.

Simply choose the area you wish to improve in your business and we will contact you and explain how we can make this happen:

KITCHEN DESIGN SOFTWARE – Designed to help you sell


QUOTING THE PRODUCT AND OTHER TRADES – Take the effort and worry out of this vital function
PRODUCT CUSTOMISATION, CUTLIST AND HARDWARE LIST – REAL automation puts all this at your fingertips, fast
SAW OPTIMISATION – Optional and fully automated even for customised products


Saw Pattern created in QuickCAM Production
JOB COSTING AND SELLING PRICE – Accurate detailed costs, selling price and profit margin, easy
OTHER NEW MODULES – Ready for when you want to move forward