ArtiCAD Room Planner

Consumers increasingly start their search for a new kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or interiors project online. The ArtiCAD Room Planner helps you to attract and convert visitors to your website into qualified and ready-engaged sales leads, as well as enabling you to capture detailed room plans from remote locations.


QuickCAM Systems ArtiCAD Room Planner
ArtiCAD Room Planner


This simple yet powerful 2D online room planner is specifically designed for the KBB industry and is easily deployed – ready to deliver immediate results. It can also be customised to feature your specific product catalogue – with the option to link to e-commerce for transacting sales online and to other business process systems.


The Room Planner is designed to suit your showroom, home or web-based sales process. It can be used stand-alone as a lead generation tool – regardless of which design software you use. Room Planner plans can also be uploaded directly into ArtiCAD’s leading design software products, ArtiCAD-Pro and BathCAD. This technology can also integrate with ArtiCAD’s online room style configuration tool, ArtiCAD Room Styler, for the ultimate website visitor journey and to boost website visitor conversions.


How does the ArtiCAD Room Planner work?

ArtiCAD Room Planner is easily deployed on your website and can be styled to reflect your branding. Your website visitors are invited to submit their room details using ArtiCAD Room Planner – this requires no download and so is ready for planning immediately! Your visitors can input their room details very easily (taking on average less than 2 minutes).


You have the option to deploy a lead capture form before or after they input their room plan. You configure this form to ask your required sales qualification questions e.g. project budget, timescales, style preferences.


The resulting room plan and lead form submissions appear in a dedicated Lead Management System and you are notified via your designated email address. These leads are ready for you to progress using your preferred sales process. If you use ArtiCAD’s design software, ArtiCAD-Pro or BathCAD, your ArtiCAD Room Planner layouts can be directly uploaded ready for you to progress a design.


ArtiCAD Room Planner enables your website visitors to submit a detailed plan of their room layout – alongside details of their project for you to progress a sale. To launch a demonstration version of the ArtiCAD Room Planner, click Here


The custom version of ArtiCAD Room Planner allows your customers to position your specific products within the planner. This can also be linked to your stock control and e-commerce systems, as well as other process systems as required. If you require a custom or 3D planner, please contact us click here.